Pacifica Hotels Makes a Triple Play with GuestTek

Pacifica Hotels paired up with broadband technology and interactive solutions provider GuestTek for their Trifecta (Triple Play) of OneView Internet, OneView Media and OneView iACT Voice solution at two California Pacifica Hotels.

Both The Marina del Rey Hotel and The Redondo Beach Hotel will be offering the new technology as IPTV solutions using Samsung H Browser TVs and featuring DIRECTV’s expanded entertainment programming. GuestTek’s technology is part of several upgrades made to both properties, which have undergone extensive renovations.

“We were looking for the best provider to upgrade our technology with the many other improvements taking place at The Marina del Rey Hotel and The Redondo Beach Hotel,” said Alan Hurd, corporate director of operations at Pacifica Hotels. “GuestTek’s OneView Trifecta offered us an all-in-one solution to give our guests the best in high speed internet, media programming and voice technology.”

The historic waterfront, Marina del Rey Hotel has recently completed a $25 million renovation. The 164-room luxury hotel overlooks the world’s largest manmade small-craft harbor. The Redondo Beach Hotel also boasts spectacular coastal views with its proximity to King Harbor.
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