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Outrigger Hotels & Resorts Selects BirchStreet for Comprehensive Procure-to-Pay Automation

Outrigger Hotels & Resorts selected BirchStreet to implement a comprehensive cloud procure-to-pay automation system for all of its 31 locations, including eProcurement, AP 3-Way Auto-Matching, Inventory Control and Recipe Management modules. In addition, accounts payable integrations into its back-office system and into its POS system will further contribute to gaining spend visibility. Together, the entire solution will increase efficiency, compliance and profitability. Automating all of its back-office processes will also reduce costs and save time with elimination of manual activities.
Outrigger identified BirchStreet as its ideal cloud platform because of the easy access for its users and its suppliers for real-time pricing. The Recipe Management module will help chefs identify accurate food costs, along with enhancing quality and consistency at all of its properties. The POS integration will guide chefs to create margins and price dishes correctly. BirchStreet reports food nutritional value, allergens and intolerances along with access to both local and enterprise standard recipes and the ability to scale recipes. All inventory items will be better managed with real-time data, par levels, alerts and tracking. The entire platform helps Outrigger gain insight with reporting and analytics for all procurement activities to easily reduce costs and waste. 
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