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OTA Insight Partners with Nicaragua’s Hotel Con Corazón to Support Charitable Mission

OTA Insight, an easy-to-use, cloud-based revenue management solution for hotels, resorts, apartments and more, has offered their professional services to Hotel con Corazón in Nicaragua for free to aid efforts in bringing positive economic change to the local community. A unique social enterprise, the hotel based in the tourist hot spot of Granada, reinvests 100 percent of its profits in improving education opportunities for the country’s youth.

OTA Insight, which works with top hospitality brands all over the world, provides technology that drives occupancy through competitive pricing using the latest data and business intelligence available. The platform will help Hotel con Corazón maximize revenue potential and fund initiatives. Immediate goals include improving the training of educators, increasing tutoring opportunities, creating parent workshops, and offering advanced education scholarships.

According to the 2015 United Nations Human Development Index Report, the primary school dropout rate in Nicaragua is 51.6 percent. Additionally, many students in school are well behind what is expected for their age group. Hotel con Corazón strongly believes that the cycle of poverty can be broken through improved education. Often called the nicest boutique hotel in the center of Granada and offering top amenities to its guests, Hotel con Corazón has used its profits to provided tutoring to 414 children at two local schools. Their program has also granted 14 secondary and 29 university scholarships, according to their 2016 impact study.

“We are moving from fixed to variable pricing, thanks to OTA Insight,” says Marcel Zuidhof, founder of Hotel con Corazón. “Their easy-to-use pricing and distribution tool gives us insight in the Nicaraguan hospitality market, so we can adjust our pricing based on market demand. Thank you, OTA Insight, for your generous support.”

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