OrderUp Partners with Star Micronics to Provide Restaurants with a No-Cost Dine-In Digital Ordering System

star micronics printer online ordering

OrderUp has added support for the Star Micronics' mC-Print3 printer. OrderUp offers contactless ordering and payment solutions to empower restaurants, hotels, and stadiums to provide five-star service while increasing revenues and cutting costs. 

OrderUp’s digital menu and ordering platform helps restaurants benefit from 16% faster table turns and 10% larger basket sizes, with 98% of diners who used OrderUp indicating they prefer this new ordering and payment experience over traditional service. Paired with Star’s mC-Print3, OrderUp allows customers to place dine-in orders from their mobile device.

Star’s mC-Print3 offers a splash-proof design with USB hub functionality to connect additional peripherals, making it ideal for kitchen printing in restaurants. With Star’s mC-Print3 with CloudPRNT printer support, guest orders get sent immediately to the kitchen, eliminating order-running and allowing staff to focus on service instead of busywork. 



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