Ordermark Partners with CORE to Deliver Free Meals

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Ordermark Partners with CORE to Deliver Free Meals


Ordermark has begun providing meals to families of food and beverage service employees navigating life-altering circumstances, through a partnership with CORE (Children of Restaurant Employees).

Ordermark, which helps restaurants generate new revenue and profits by adding all available delivery services in a single dashboard and kitchen printer, will donate and/or deliver free restaurant meals to families identified by CORE, through OrdermarkCares.

There are 15.1 million restaurant workers -- 10 percent of the US workforce -- who serve as the backbone of an industry and economy; yet many workers do not have either insurance or a financial cushion to help them through an unexpected crisis like a serious illness. This partnership aims to help in one small way, with hopes for even greater help as it adds partners and donors.

With CORE, OrdermarkCares has identified families of restaurant workers with children or parents in and out of hospitals and is providing meals from restaurants to either the hospital or the home, to offer moments of deliciousness, respite, and even delight -- and give families one less thing to worry about, financially.

“For 15 years, CORE has been the nationally-recognized community of support for all food and beverage service families in need, ensuring they feel cared for and valued. In times of strain brought on by family death, injury or diagnosed medical condition, or other sudden or extreme circumstances, food and beverage families can become overwhelmed -- financially and emotionally,” said Lauren LaViola, CORE Executive Director. “So partnering with OrdermarkCares is ideal: offering a nice restaurant meal to a family that makes its own living in restaurants is perfect -- putting them on the receiving end of others’ work and kindness.”

Both OrdermarkCares and CoreGives welcome partners nationwide who want to help. Restaurants, online ordering services, hospitals, doctors, and other potential sponsors can get involved by visiting COREgives.org or OrdermarkCares.org.