Oracle Acquires GloriaFood

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

Technology plays a critical role in helping restaurants extend customer engagement channels and protect thin margins. Small independent operators in particular need cost-effective digital solutions to succeed in a fiercely competitive marketplace where technology presents a competitive advantage. Helping independent restaurateurs “go digital” is one of the main drivers for Oracle Food and Beverage’s recent acquisition of GloriaFood, a global online ordering and marketing platform.

Completed on June 25, 2021, the acquisition extends the Oracle MICROS Simphony Cloud POS platform to include native global online ordering and marketing solutions to enable restaurants of all sizes to go digital and serve customers directly through the web, mobile, and apps.

GloriaFood’s SaaS platform is a holistic online ordering solution that enables restaurateurs to easily create websites, branded mobile apps, ordering menus, and accept online payments. GloriaFood is designed to make online food ordering a smooth and enjoyable experience for both the customer and the restaurant owner. 

In a letter to Oracle customers and partners Oracle Food and Beverage SVP and GM, Simon de Montfort Walker stated “Oracle MICROS Simphony is already well positioned in the marketplace as the premier point of sale platform with a robust cloud ecosystem. Simphony’s open API architecture gives food and beverage purveyors of any size and concept a platform for growth and continuous innovation. With the addition of GloriaFood, we are expanding our portfolio to better support up-and-coming brands and deliver impactful business-to-consumer experiences”.

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