Optii Solutions Launches ROI Calculator in Support of Budget Season Decision-making

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels
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Optii Solutions, the leading hotel operations software, today announced that it has launched a return-on-investment calculator to help hoteliers better understand what they can expect from investments into hotel operations technology. Compared to revenue management and distribution solutions, little information is available in the market to show expected gains when investing in hotel operations technology.

Traditionally, technology designed for housekeeping or engineering operations within hotels has experienced slower adoption than its counterparts in sales and marketing. In addition, existing solutions are typically a mere digitization of the pen, paper, and clipboards used in housekeeping, and the impact can often end after initial implementation. Optii, on the other hand, goes beyond this by focusing on time and staff. Through artificial intelligence and machine learning, Optii continues to bring efficiency and productivity gains long after implementation.

Deborah Pevenstein, CRO, Optii Solutions, said: “My team and I have no doubts in the positive returns of Optii, as we hear it directly from customers every week. We wanted to find a way to quantify and communicate the expected return on investment to hoteliers during this critical time. This is why we launched the ROI calculator. Using a formula that we validated against data from existing customers, we are able to share highly accurate expected ROI generated from Optii’s housekeeping solution.”

The ROI Calculator is currently available on request via Optii’s website, with plans to launch it as a self-serve tool to hoteliers.

Pevenstein continues: “Before making it available as a self-serve tool, we want to ensure it’s highly accurate in a multitude of scenarios such as hotel size, geography, cleaning sequences. Completing the analysis in consultation with hoteliers, we can account for these variables and provide future customers with confidence in the gains and impact they can expect.”

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