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Optii Solutions Announces Two-Way Integration with RMS Cloud

Optii Logo and RMS Cloud logo

Optii Solutions, the leading cloud-based hotel operations software, announced a two-way integration with RMS Cloud, the property management and hotel management system for luxury hotels, resorts and boutique city hotels. The two-way integration will enable existing RMS users to streamline housekeeping and connect front and back of house to help hotel and operations managers update daily operations. With offices globally, the integration with RMS is part of the expansion plans for Optii to reach hoteliers worldwide.

The two-way integration means hotel customers are able to take advantage of a streamlined technology solution, where they can have room status updates in real-time, queued and blocked rooms automatically prioritized and increased transparency between the front desk and housekeeping. It provides an intuitive solution that optimizes labor and cleaning routes through predictive technology and automation, meaning teams can do more with less.

With Optii, RMS customers will be able to have a unique 360-degree view of their operations, so they have full visibility into where more resources need to be allocated and where productivity can be improved. This approach will allow hotels of all sizes to operate with greater efficiency and increase productivity within their housekeeping teams.

Katherine Grass, CEO of Optii Solutions said, “This integration is another key partnership as we continue to expand globally at Optii. We are delighted to be able to offer our unique technology offering to more hotels, from resorts through to boutique hotels and to increase efficiency and productivity across housekeeping and operations teams.”

Zen Valli, Managing Director EMEA at RMS Cloud said, “Having efficient and automated hotel operations systems is more important than ever and through this integration with Optii, all our customers will have access to the transformative technology that will help them reduce costs, increase profitability and centralize their operations, which will ultimately continue to improve the guest experience.”

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