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OpenKey Mobile App Upgrades Security and Communication Features

OpenKey has announced the release of Version 3.5 available for both Android and iOS. The latest version includes many useful updates.
Updates to OpenKey Version 3.5 include:
* Two-step authentication: provides an extra layer of security to prevent unauthorized use.
* Non-activity logout: automatically logs a user out after two minutes of non-activity, adding additional security protection.
* Touch ID Integration for iOS: recognizes a user's fingerprint as their unique passcode and is enabled for all iOS devices when logging into the app.  
* Android Pattern Login for Android: Android's version of a passcode alternative using a simple number combination, or pattern, which can be used to log into the app.
* Active Stay Communication Tool (ASCOM): allows guests to chat with the hotel front desk easily on the active stay screen.
There are also updates for the hotel operation side which include desktop notifications compatible with Google Chrome and backend support upgrades including adding user logs, error logs and password time limits. Additionally, the front desk portal has been upgraded to provide guests with a faster mobile app experience.
Previous features such as directions to the hotel, estimated time-of-arrival, pre-arrival check-in with ID scan, hotel search, and ability to call and book a variety of hotel amenities directly from the app remain in this latest version.
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