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OpenKey Announces Partnership with Acculock

openkey logo with acculock logo

OpenKey, a provider of universal Digital Key in hotels, announced an exciting new partnership with Acculock, a hospitality lock provider in North America. Through this partnership, Acculock and OpenKey bring enhanced access to Digital Key technology to hotels throughout North America.

OpenKey’s partnership with Acculock’s industry-leading RFID and BLE door locks makes OpenKey the most universal Digital Key provider in the industry, now partnering with six major lock providers. This new partnership gives Acculock the ability to offer their locks with OpenKey’s Digital Key and check-in experience.

As part of the partnership, Acculock will also take over warranty support, providing their world-class expertise and coverage for all of OpenKey’s existing lock customers. “We could not be more pleased to partner with Acculock. This partnership supports and improves our ability to deliver next-generation contactless entry to hotels around the world,” OpenKey CEO Ron Owens remarked, “With built-in Digital Key capabilities in Acculock’s products, more hotels will have access to the future of contactless services. Additionally, Acculock has the experience and resources to provide excellent warranty support to our existing lock customers. This strategic move allows OpenKey to focus exclusively on enhancing our software product and the continued growth of our SaaS business.”

“Since the beginning, Acculock has been dedicated to providing world-class support for our customers and the latest in hotel door lock technology,” Acculock CEO Rick Segerstrom said, “Partnering with OpenKey is a natural choice, empowering us to offer more options for our customers and their guests.”

With the power of Digital Key technology, Acculock has removed barriers and provided a seamless means for hotels to move away from traditional keycards. Through this integration, OpenKey is thrilled to expand Digital Key services to more hotels than ever before. Working together, the two companies are clearing the way for hotels to deliver exceptional service and convenience to today’s travelers.

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