Ooma Launches New Ooma Office Pro Plus Business Communications Service with Simple Call Center, CRM Integration and More

Ooma, Inc., a smart communications platform for businesses and consumers, announced Ooma Office Pro Plus, a new plan for the Ooma Office business communications service that enables any business to quickly and affordably set up a simple call center, integrate with the Salesforce CRM platform, provide hot-desking capability in their offices, and more.

Ooma Office (https://www.ooma.com/small-business-phone-systems/), which has won PC Magazine’s prestigious Business Choice Award for Best Business VoIP Phone Service for nine years in a row, already comes equipped with more than 50 features tailored to meet business needs through the Ooma Office Essentials and Ooma Office Pro service plans.

Ooma Office Pro Plus (www.ooma.com/office/pro-plus/), available now at $29.95* per user per month (CDN$34.95* in Canada), adds powerful employee and customer tools that include:

     · Call Queuing. Lost calls can mean lost business. When inbound call volume is heavy, Call Queuing automatically places callers on hold and then routes them to the first available agent. Reports available to managers include queue metrics such as call count, average wait times and abandoned call count, as well as agent metrics such as missed call count and rejected call count.

     · Hot Desking. Hybrid work is reducing the number of permanently assigned workspaces in favor of “hoteling” or temporary work accommodations. Hot Desking enables employees to sign into any unassigned IP phone by tapping just a few keys. The phone will then ring with that employee’s incoming calls and show the employee’s individual caller ID on outbound calls.

     · Salesforce Integration. Sales and support workers who operate inside Salesforce no longer have to leave to place or receive phone calls. Employees just click on a phone number in Salesforce to place a call through their Ooma desk phone, desktop app or mobile app. Customer data from Salesforce automatically pops up whenever a call comes in. Salesforce can automatically create tasks for each call, making it easier for agents to enter notes and managers to review detailed call logs. Ooma expects to add integrations in the future with other CRM platforms.

Moreno Valley Clinica Medica Familiar in Moreno Valley, California, a long-time Ooma Office customer, is a busy primary care practice that receives more than 400 patient calls per day. Patients have sometimes had to listen to endlessly ringing phones when the clinic team was on other calls, and some patients have hung up before speaking with a staff member. The situation changed dramatically when the clinic began using Call Queuing.

“Ooma’s Call Queuing has made our clinic more productive and our patients happier,” says Esteban Guerrero, general manager of Moreno Valley Clinica Medica Familiar. “We’ve significantly reduced no-shows for appointments and have even avoided unnecessary trips to urgent care for patients who previously couldn’t get through to our medical team.”

Ooma Office now has three service plans:

     · Ooma Office Essentials, at $19.95* per user per month (CDN$24.95* in Canada), offers more than 50 phone features such as a Virtual Receptionist, Ring Groups, a Mobile App, Virtual Fax, Music on Hold and Voicemail-to-Email Audio Files.

     · Ooma Office Pro, at $24.95* per user per month (CDN$29.95* in Canada), offers everything in Ooma Office Essentials while adding advanced features including Videoconferencing, Call Recording, a Desktop App, Voicemail Transcription, Call Analytics and Enhanced Call Blocking.

     · Ooma Office Pro Plus, at $29.95* per user per month (CDN$34.95* in Canada), offers everything in Ooma Office Pro while adding the features described above and others such as Find Me, Follow Me, which allows users to select the order in which their devices – such as a desk phone, mobile phone or desktop app – ring as calls come in.

“Small and mid-sized businesses are growing more sophisticated in how they use technology, so we’ve created Ooma Office Pro Plus to make sure their phone systems are front and center in driving deeper customer engagement through Call Queuing and Salesforce Integration,” said Jim Gustke, vice president of marketing at Ooma. “Hiring and retaining top talent is also crucial for SMBs and we see Hot Desking as an important enabler of the flexible work environments that many employees now demand.”

To learn more about Ooma Office, go to https://www.ooma.com/small-business-phone-systems/.

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