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Online Ordering, Nutritional Info among Tossed's New Website Features

Tossed has the debuted its newly revamped website offering customers a host of exciting and enticing features. Topping the list is a convenient online ordering system for take-out or delivery orders from any Tossed location nationwide, as well as a nutritional data engine that provides a complete report for every menu item, including the chain's "design your own salad" option.

Among the other improvements in the new Tossed website are pictures of every menu item to make online ordering easier; more intuitive navigation; convenient icons that allow customers to interact with all of the most popular social media sites; and a simpler method for prospective franchisees to request information.

"The new Tossed website is more attractive and functional than ever before," says Eric Clark, chief operating officer of Tossed Franchise Corporation. "Our site is no longer merely a place for information--it's a tool that matches the priorities and interests of customers and business partners alike. Our plan is to aggressively promote our new site as a way to bring our diners in closer contact with us on a daily basis."

Tossed's new website features a clean, contemporary look that matches the fresh and natural atmosphere of the restaurants themselves. Menus, whether for dine-in, takeout or catering, are easy to find and well organized. Customers can also quickly find the nearest Tossed location.

Designed with the health conscience in mind
Salad lovers are often health conscious--and the new Tossed website doesn't disappoint with the information it offers for making healthy decisions. Click on any menu item, and a pop-up appears with complete nutritional information provided in a chart meeting FDA standards. A wheat-free/gluten-free menu is also available for download, so diners with gluten sensitivity can quickly find suitable choices.

Tossed is famous for its "design your own" option that allows guests to make combinations that satisfy their own unique tastes. The new website has a page that lists all of Tossed's 50-plus lettuces, toss-ins, chicken and seafood toppings, fruit, chesses and dressings; every time an ingredient box is checked, the appropriate nutritional information is added to the "Nutritional Facts" chart. Once complete, the guest has a total readout of calories, total and saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, total carbohydrates (including dietary fiber) and protein. An ingredient chart is also filled in, giving the customer everything he or she needs to make good dietary decisions.

Group ordering online
By clicking on the "Online Ordering" tab, customers can instantly jump to the Tossed restaurant nearest them in order to place a carryout or delivery order. Orders can be specified in advance to meet the person's schedule, simply by clicking on the time and date drop-downs.

Custom group orders for office meetings or conferences are just as easy. The new website includes an "Invitation Ordering" option, enabling organizers to send an email invitation to friends or coworkers to order with them. The invitation links each invitee to the local restaurant's menu; once each person's choices are made, the order is placed. The organizer has the option to have each patron pay for their own meal; pay for the group; and even set a spending limit for each individual if desired.

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