NRF 2020 NEWS: Apex Streamlines Off-Premise Dining with its Self-Serve Order Pick-Up Lockers

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants
Restaurants and retailers can check out Apex's pickup solutions at NRF booth 3555.

Off-premise dining – food that is ordered for takeout, delivery, drive-thru, catering or in-home dining – sales rose 36% year-over-year in November 2019. With emerging technologies and food delivery services disrupting the traditional business model, restaurants are looking for ways to optimize their operations and increase their share of off-premise revenues.

Apex Supply Chain says brands have the opportunity to leverage technology by providing a fast and easy pick-up experience which delights all of the stakeholders – delivery drivers, associates and customers.

Apex self-serve order pick-up lockers position restaurants for sustainable growth with three strategies for creating more convenient off-premise dining experiences:

  1. Make Pick-Up Fast and Easy – Neither customers nor delivery drivers want to wait in lines or congested entrances. With 85% of diners being more likely to use third-party delivery in the future, delivery is going to continue to grow. Restaurants should consider providing a dedicated area where customers can skip the lines and pick-up their orders.
  2. More Choices Help Grow the Bottom Line – Incorporating a third-party delivery service can provide incremental growth. Providing your customers with more options keeps your brand at the front of their minds and offers greater potential for a larger share of their wallet.
  3. Design a Delightful Experience – Maintaining the quality and security of every order is critical. Apex intelligent order pick-up solutions provide the opportunity to optimize review order dwell times, reduce delivery driver wait times and improve customer and employee satisfaction.

Apex is in NRF booth 3555.

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