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NRF 2017 NEWS: Star Micronics to Exhibit New POS Tech Along with Its Software Partners

Star Micronics, leading provider of point of sale and proof of transaction technology, will be exhibiting their new solutions for point of sale and mobile point of sale at the National Retail Federation (NRF) 2017 Big Show. Star Micronics' will be hosting a number of valuable software partners in our NRF booth including:
Star Cloud Services
Star Cloud Services will be exhibiting their FREE digital receipt and customer engagement tools with Star receipt printer peripherals. This year, Star Cloud Services is introducing the Micro Receipt! The Micro Receipt will still contain all the same information as a full receipt, but will only print the retailer logo and the QR code that can be scanned using Star's AllReceipts app or the Itemize app. Users can now save paper while claiming a digital copy of their receipts and retailers can now better engage and communicate with their customers.

Star Micronics and Itemize have partnered to revolutionize the digital expense receipt market. By scanning the AllReceipts QR Code within the Itemize app, the shoppers are able to automatically store a digital and secure record of their purchase.

Star Cloud Services has partnered with DÔr to help retailers know their business inside and out. With DÔr, retailers can see how many customers are visiting their store compared to how many purchases are being made. DÔr allows you to optimize staffing, improve marketing spending, and be everywhere.

MoZONE is an omni-channel and proximity marketing solution for all smartphones with no apps needed. MoZONE recognizes each individual customer and provides the opportunity to deliver deals and coupons, while also allowing customers to order and pay from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. MoZONE will be showcasing their solutions with Star's TSP100ECO printer.

Thirdshelf has partnered with Star Cloud Services to simplify how retailers build and nurture customer relationships. Thirdshelf's loyalty marketing software combined with Engage Now from Star Cloud Services allows retailers to create a branded loyalty program and start marketing like a pro.

nClose manufactures customer POS protective enclosures to house and protect tablets and mobile credit card readers. The nClose enclosures for Apple iPad®, Samsung, and Windows tablets pair perfectly with Star Micronics mPOS peripherals including the all-in-one mPOP™, thermal printers, and cash drawers. nClose will be showcasing their POS enclosures with Star's printer peripherals.

e-Nabler Corp.
e-Nabler Corp. provides next generation, EMV ready POS for iOS, Android, and Windows tablets and smartphones. Their eMobilePOS software for retail and hospitality is certified with a large suite of Star Micronics' peripherals. At the NRF 2017 show, e-Nabler Corp. will be showcasing their eMobilePOS solutions with Star's mPOP™, TSP650IIBTi and SMD2 Mobility Cash Drawer with Elo's iSeries, and SM-T300i and SM-S220i portable printers.
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