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NRF 2017 NEWS: EarthLink and BRP Launch Unified Commerce as a Service at NRF

EarthLink Holdings Corp. and Boston Retail Partners (BRP) announced the launch of a new Unified Commerce as a Service offering to help retailers transition from current faux omni-channel environments to a true unified commerce platform. The Unified Commerce as a Service offering delivers a unique combination of consulting expertise with direct access to technology solutions that provide the clearest path to achieve a unified commerce environment. Combining EarthLink's network, voice and hosting services and BRP's consulting and implementation services, Unified Commerce as a Service helps retailers define their unified commerce strategy, select the right hardware and as a service software for their environment, implement advanced technology and networks, and provide architecture and integration services that will enable a seamless customer experience.
Going beyond omni-channel, unified commerce eliminates the barriers between internal channel silos to leverage a common commerce platform. By bringing all retail systems together on an integrated platform, unified commerce positions retailers to better respond to customer demands, provide enhanced customer experience across channels and respond in real time. Unified commerce combines in-store POS, mobile, Web, customer history and loyalty, product information and reviews, suggested selling, order management, order routing, call center and clienteling into one integrated platform. This new retail paradigm delivers a channel-agnostic customer experience that is personal, mobile, seamless and secure.
A flexible, real-time network is key to integrating the data analytics needed to support a persona-based unified commerce experience. The EarthLink and BRP Unified Commerce as a Service offering will leverage SD-WAN to support as a service options as part of a retailer's unified commerce strategy. Retailers will benefit from EarthLink SD-WAN Concierge, a fully-managed service built on personalized and proactive expert guidance and a robust SD-WAN platform that helps ensure optimal network connectivity in support of all unified commerce applications.
According to BRP's 2017 POS/Customer Engagement Survey, 52 percent of retailers indicate that omni-channel integration is a top priority and 71% indicate that they plan to have a unified commerce platform within three years, up from 9% today. While retailers understand the importance of moving to a unified commerce model, it can be a daunting endeavor when considering the scope of a commerce platform that enables and supports every customer touch point in real-time.
To learn more about EarthLink and BRP's new offering please visit us at NRF booth #3963.
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