NRA Show News: SwiftBot from Pudu Robotics Debuts

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants
Pudu robotics crowd

SwiftBot from Pudu Robotics, made its global debut at the 2022 National Restaurant Association Show (NRA Show 2022.). Alongside the company's other six robots (PuduBot, BellaBot, HolaBot, KettyBot, FlashBot and Puductor 2), the latest delivery robot has been turning heads among the more than 2,200 exhibitors and 67,000 buyers at the exhibition with its technological advances specifically geared to the restaurant sector and ability to solve some of industry's most persistent pain points.

Built on the robust performance of its predecessors, SwiftBot, a versatile delivery robot with enhanced navigation skills and flexibility, provides a better customer experience and heightened efficiency within the highly dynamic and complex environment of a restaurant during its busiest periods. The robot also comes equipped with powerful perceptual abilities that enable right-of-way allocation between itself and diners by quickly adjusting its path in response to signals from the environment through the integration of multimodal interactions.

At the event, Pudu Robotics showcased seven robots. Alongside two other products released earlier this year, its first compound delivery robot PUDU A1 and its first delivery-quadruped robot PUDU D1, Pudu Robotics has formed a multi-link, full-chain intelligent solution for food service applications equipped with a line-up of needed features including customer meeting, greeting and guiding to the table, meal delivery, bussing and dish sterilization, as part of the process for a restaurant-wide intelligent upgrade.

Pudu Robotics' intelligent food delivery services not only reduce person-to-person contact, but also help food service businesses address the current worldwide staffing shortage, with the goal of creating a smart food service ecosystem alongside an evolution in what it means to own and operate a restaurant brand.

Pudu Robotics wide shot
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