NRA Show News: Revel Partners with DoorDash Drive on Delivery Solution

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants
food delivery from restaurant
Revel is exhibiting in NRA booth 460; DoorDash is in booth 1878.

Revel Systems is partnering with DoorDash Drive, DoorDash's white-label fulfillment platform that powers direct delivery. This partnership allows the cloud POS provider's clients to offer delivery without having to manage and operate a fleet of drivers. 

Driver XT powered by DoorDash Drive is now fully-integrated with Revel’s Online Ordering XT solution. For merchants struggling with hiring and retaining a fleet of delivery drivers—especially amid the continued labor shortage—Driver XT completely replaces in-house delivery fulfillment. Direct integration eliminates multi-app confusion and easily assigns orders, estimates delivery times, supports order cancellations, offers pickup confirmation, and more.

[75% of consumers prefer to order delivery direct from the restaurant, according to HT's 2021 Customer Engagement Technology Study.]

DoorDash Drive was developed to give merchants access to delivery fulfillment based on their unique individual needs. Through the partnership, Revel clients will now benefit from a more seamless experience for their guests and will be able to maintain more order profits and control of the consumer experience for delivery orders.  

“With such tremendous demand for off-premises dining, it’s imperative that restaurants control their own destiny and own as much of the delivery process as possible,” says Chris Lybeer, chief strategy officer, Revel Systems. “Driver XT ensures that restaurants can still hold the reins on the guest experience, their profits on these orders, and customer data, but without having to hire and maintain a driver fleet.” 

With DoorDash Drive, Revel demonstrates its commitment to grow its selection of native and third-party delivery solutions for its clients. Revel is also releasing an integration with DoorDash Marketplace. This integration creates a seamless online ordering guest experience for Revels’ clients and their kitchens, and gives merchants greater market reach. Additionally, the live menu features on DoorDash Marketplace enable accurate menus for guests to order from, resulting in higher satisfaction rates for clients.  

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