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NRA 2017 NEWS: Yatra to Debut UNiCHARGE at NRA 2017

Yatra will be unveiling its latest B2B creation -- the UNiCHARGE™ -- at the National Restaurant Association’s yearly expo in Chicago, Illinois from May 20-23. The technology-driven lifestyle brand created a robust, universal charging platform designed for restaurants, bars, golf courses, and more who want to give their clientele a full-service experience. All too often, patrons at hotels and restaurants have their phone battery die before the end of the evening. With UNiCHARGE, business can offer patrons a convenient way to quickly charge their devices at the table.

UNiCHARGE™ Benefits:
  • Custom Branding Options – Companies can fully customize and display their own logos, names, and designs, as every UNiCHARGE™ comes backlit, illuminating your brand!
  • Compact – Each charging box contains 8 ultra-slim power banks that easily fit on countertops or host stands.
  • Universal – Each power bank comes with built-in detachable Lightning and Micro USB cables, individually equipped with USB ports that allow users to not only charge, but to independently connect to their other devices! 
  • Convenient – Now guests are drawn to your brand, and the environment you are providing to them, as every UNiCHARGE™ is fully adaptable, eliminating the need to spend time looking for open outlets, keeping customers in-house.
  • Quick Charge – UNiCHARGE™ power banks are equipped with 8 total, 4000mAh lithium polymer batteries, that can power any smart device from 0-70% in less than 30 minutes.
  • Theft Protected – Each charging station uses Luna Pulse Technology, in combination with GPS technology, to charge each individual battery, meaning each power bank can only be charged by the base station.

Chicago’s premier restaurants are among the first to provide the UNiCHARGE technology to their clientele; including Chicago Cut Steakhouse, Prime and Provisions, Gibson’s, and Tavern on Rush.

“UNiCHARGE solves the charging problems of establishments and customers alike. It’s the best solution I have seen and it works great," said Chicago Cut Steakhouse Managing Partner David Flom.

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