Now Facility Managers and Engineering Teams Can Talk with Their Building's HVAC Systems via WhatsApp or Telegram

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor (Hotels)
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Wisestate announced the launch of its innovative technology allowing Facility Managers and Engineering teams to communicate directly with their buildings HVAC systems via WhatsApp or Telegram. This Internet of Things (IoT) solution enables engineers to take control over their HVAC system from everywhere and at anytime.

This innovative communication technology based on the latest IoT developments provides engineers with the advantage of a streamlined approach to interact directly with their systems. This can even be done remotely so reducing the need for constant on site monitoring, freeing up engineering resource and speeding up reaction time to any incident requiring attention. It will also allow engineers to take preventative maintenance measures and to recognize and monitor potentially hazardous situations before they escalate.

This technology has been developed in a partnership between Wisestate and Quimera Energy Efficiency (QEE) in cooperation with No Interface. These three companies now work seamlessly together delivering a unique advantage to each client bringing them easy-accessible, user-friendly and innovative solutions which make buildings smart and enables clients to optimize the operation of their properties to achieve the highest level of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

This exciting new development benefits from the use of Artificial Intelligence which allows oral and written communication between members of engineering department and parts of the HVAC system of a building. The system has developed to the stage where it can now recognize grammar mistakes as well as slang in a language and always interpret it correctly.

Such Talking Buildings technology has been successfully deployed at the Hyatt Regency London The Churchill Hotel allowing members of the engineering team to ask questions and request real-time information about the actual temperature and status of their equipment including water flow data and detailed information about energy consumption as well as the predicted operational plan for the actual day and the configuration of the equipment.

Hotels that utilize this state of the art IoT technology become smart hotels and immediately benefit from the ability to optimise their operation so reducing energy consumption, utility bills and their own carbon footprint. This addresses the need for Global Hospitality Brands to deliver on their goal of contributing to a more sustainable environment and reflects the wishes of their ever more demanding guests without detracting in any way from their comfort.

Please, see the video how the Talking Buildings technology works: