Nordaq's Crusade Against Plastic Pollution

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants

Nordaq, a global premium water solution for hospitality, recently announced its clients eliminated more than 25 million single-use plastic bottles in 2020 alone, thanks to its innovative filtration system.

Nordaq's clients, including hospitality, eliminated more than 25 million single-use plastic bottles in 2020.

“Although the industry is still evolving as a result of the challenges posed by 2020, my hope is that humankind will continue to respect the planet we live on,” said Johanna Mattson, CEO of Nordaq. “Through Nordaq’s advanced tapping system, we’ve increased the environmental benefits of our reusable bottles without compromising quality or elegance. As a company, we hold a level of responsibility and commitment to preserving our planet, and we are thrilled to help guide other institutions that share the same passion.”

By allowing restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality establishments to filter their own tap water on-site, Nordaq has not only generated savings on the production of tons of plastic but also on the costs associated with transportation and, ultimately, waste management. 

To calculate the amount of single-use plastic bottles eliminated in 2020, Nordaq considered the total number of water filters that were sent to clients across the globe. These filters collectively produce more than 3 million gallons of Nordaq water. These calculations were also made with the assumption that 16.9-ounce bottles were used for serving. In conclusion, 25.2 million single-use bottles were eliminated thanks to Nordaq’s filtration system.

Nordaq’s unique system and emphasis on taste and sustainability have attracted many notable clients within the U.S. hospitality landscape, from luxury restaurants to wineries, boutique hotels, and ski resorts.  Current clients include St. Regis Aspen, Aspen Meadows, Montage Deer Valley (Park City, UT), Limelight Hotels (Aspen, CO, and Ketchum, ID), Mandarin Oriental Miami, The Pearl Hotel (Rosemary Beach, FL), Thomas Keller Restaurant Group and others.

“As a 326-room luxury hotel committed to providing an eco-friendly five-star experience for our guests, we require a reliable water solutions partner who will help us resolve any challenges that come our way – and we’ve been fortunate to find the ideal partner in Nordaq,” said Mauricio Miguelena, Hotel Manager of Mandarin Oriental Miami. “Since the start of our partnership in 2019, Nordaq has proven to be a trustworthy partner with premium products that our guests love. They’ve gone above and beyond to help us implement efficient and safe water solutions throughout our property, and we’re grateful to have them on board.”

To meet the needs of large high-end properties requiring a larger quantity of purified water, Nordaq developed the Nordaq Refilling System, which can fill up to 2,000 bottles per hour with superior water. This innovative technology is currently installed at Sheraton Stockholm Hotel and Wynn Palace Macau.

Based in Sweden, Nordaq can be found in more than 29 countries today. 

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