Noodles & Company Taps Security Vendor with Goal of Exceeding Standard PCI Requirements

Noodles & Company has deployed Trend Micro Deep Security to address the major PCI compliance requirements, for overall security, and to safeguard credit card data.

Noodles & Company consists of more than 175 restaurants in 18 states, 4,500 corporate users, and 200 remote workers and restaurant staff. Part of the company's dedication to its customers includes a commitment to employ the best security technology for protecting credit card and customer information. Noodles & Company doesn't just want to meet the requirements of payment card industry (PCI) regulations, they want to exceed them.

"We like to think of PCI as a baseline, we are looking to pass, and also pass with flying colors," says Nick Fields, a senior systems administrator in the IT organization at Noodles & Company. "With the introduction of Trend Micro Deep Security we are able to achieve and excel in PCI compliance."

While evaluating vendors for centrally-managed security solutions, Noodles & Company conducted a competitive comparison and chose Trend Micro Deep Security. "After doing a competitive comparison, it came down to two finalists," says Fields. "We chose Trend Micro Deep Security because it helps us address the major PCI compliance requirements combining features like host firewall and file integrity monitoring. Other vendors talked about their future plans for file integrity monitoring, but we get what we need today with Deep Security. It helps us do all we possibly can to safeguard credit card data."

Noodles & Company takes advantage of several Deep Security software modules, including deep packet inspection (for intrusion detection and prevention, web application protection, and application control), firewall, integrity monitoring for files and applications, and log inspection.

Deep Security is part of the Trend Micro Enterprise Security solution, a tightly integrated offering of content security products, services and solutions powered by the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network infrastructure. Together they deliver maximum protection from emerging threats while minimizing the cost and complexity of security management.

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