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Nomadix Launches Internet Access Gateway for SMB Hotels

Nomadix Inc. said it launched the AG 2500 access gateway -- its newest high-performance solution that extends a wired or Wi-Fi network to create a visitor-based network (VBN). Designed for small-to-medium-sized venues, such as hotels with fewer than 150 rooms, the AG 2500 supports up to 500 simultaneous mobile devices. With the release of the new gateway comes the latest version of the NSE (Nomadix Service Engine); version 8.9 supports not only the AG 2500 but also the Nomadix AG 5800 and AG 5900 access gateways, which service larger properties.
With the introduction of the AG 2500, Nomadix is providing a new modular configuration that gives customers the flexibility to tailor the gateway to their individual requirements and reduce their overall total cost of ownership. The AG 2500 is offered with a robust base configuration that includes a 400 device count. Customers can upgrade the AG 2500 to 500 devices, with the ability to add the following software modules:
  • Hospitality PMS Software Module
  • High Availability Failover Software Module
  • Load Balancing Software Module
  • Bandwidth Management Software Module

The AG 2500 is built upon an Intel processor that offers high performance, low power consumption, reliability, longevity, and built-in flash memory. NSE version 8.9 comes with a "Fast Forwarding" feature that, when enabled, supports throughput performance up to 460 Mbps. NSE version 8.9 also supports multiple authentication models, has flexible billing options and is equipped with optional bandwidth management features such as Weighted Fair Queuing and Class-Based Queuing that enable network operators and system integrators to maximize their investment from available internet bandwidth capacity. In short, the AG 2500 provides customers with an access gateway that will satisfy many value-based visitor network needs -- while offering the flexibility to add features suitable for applications requiring more sophisticated bandwidth management, resiliency and PMS monetization.
Nomadix gateways offer a number of capabilities designed to make guest internet access a positive experience. These capabilities include:

  • Effortless creation of a VBN
  • Effective bandwidth management, control and allocation to maximize use of existing bandwidth
  • Ability to easily add guests onto the network
  • Scalability to accommodate small-to-large-sized networks in a range of locations, from coffee shops to hotel resorts to convention centers
  • Flexible deployment that is adaptable to the needs of the guest user
  • Modular pricing scheme that provides a lower barrier of entry and the flexibility to reduce overall total cost of ownership
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