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NFC Tech Increases Server Efficiency

U.S. restaurants had sales of $709.2 billion last year and employ 10% of the country’s workforce, yet profit still averages around 3%.  The only way to truly increase profits is to sell more high-margin items such as drinks, and increase table turnover speed. This has been a key restaurant challenge for 2,000 years.
To solve this restaurant problem and more, a partnership between IoT security startup Creating Revolutions and Narian Technologies have introduced a mobile NFC technology called Touch & Discover™.   
Touch & Discover™ was created to accomplish 6 key points.
  1. Make it work on nearly every consumer phone in one step.  (Currently works on 93% of smartphones including iPhone and Android)
  2. Doesn’t replace waitstaff or sacrifice the human element of servers.
  3. Allows any restaurant to setup the technology in less than 30 minutes.
  4. Make it truly affordable for the 73% of restaurants that are single location owned.  (Costs just $1 per table per month)
  5. A new generation of Security & Privacy to protect customers and businesses from the new generation of current and future digital threats.
  6. Give tools that let even non-technical restaurant owners, create services that look, feel, and most importantly work, like their restaurant does. 
Touch & Discover isn’t an app, rather it’s a hardware/software/network platform, based on nearly a dozen ground breaking, service industry focused, patented technologies. Field study showed table turnover speed increased by 10 minutes & add-on sales by a third.
This is just one of an infinite number of services that a restaurant owner can create in minutes, to more efficiently and securely service customers and increase profits and loyalty.
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