The Next Generation of Hotel Security and Guest Convenience with Location Technology

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor (Hotels)
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In today’s fast-paced hospitality industry, knowledge really is power and nothing says maximum efficiency more than being able to track the precise location of objects and individuals throughout a property at all times. From enhancing a hotel’s security to being able to quickly locate inventory or send tailored promotions to guests based on their whereabouts, geolocation-based technology is transforming the way hoteliers manage their operations. By leveraging the latest advances in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon technology, properties can now take personal safety, profitability and guest satisfaction to a whole new level.

From an enhanced security perspective, the ability to instantly pinpoint the exact location of an employee in distress can mean all the difference, should an emergency arise. Sensor beacon technology is equipping hoteliers and their staff with this ability by offering advanced distress or duress button functionality. This technology works by transmitting a distress signal to all BLE gateways in range the moment that a distress button is pressed. The signal then instantly transmits precise location details (room/level) to the cloud. All first responders assigned by the hotel receive an SMS with distress alert details so they can react and arrive to the scene as quickly as possible. With security threats and emergencies seemingly arising at a faster pace than ever before, the capability to react and respond quickly will no doubt prove essential in mitigating or possibly even eliminating any consequences from an adverse situation.

While significantly enhancing a hotel’s security operations makes BLE technology a worthy investment in and of itself, the platform’s ability to leverage this infrastructure for many other use cases such as tracking and locating assets can further transform it into an ideal asset management solution. By simply attaching a beacon, hotels have the capability to instantly locate amenities such as maid carts, baby cribs, room service trays or AV equipment. This not only ensures that items are readily available for guests, but also protects against the risk of additional operational expense, as of a result of amenities that are lost or stolen. Further enhancing the ROI of this technology is the ability to turn on condition monitoring, a feature that can autonomously monitor the performance of motorized systems. This can include elevators, HVAC, escalators and refrigerators. Through its use of AI, such technology provides hoteliers with the ability to identify and repair any potential maintenance issues before they become an increased financial liability or guest-facing problem.   

In addition to boosting satisfaction by ensuring the swift delivery of hotel amenities, BLE technology also works to enhance the guest experience by identifying their specific location within the premises or as they arrive. With the simple downloading of a hotel’s app onto a guest’s device, BLE beacons can determine whether a person is located near a property’s entrance, restaurant, bar or spa, and send promotional messaging relevant to their instant needs. This functionality can also increase the possibility of earning additional revenue by enticing guests to make purchases they may otherwise overlook. For larger properties, further enhancing convenience is the ability for guests to use BLE beacons as a wayfinding feature, with directions seamlessly transmitted to their device in real time similar to car GPS user experiences, and making any hotel environment seem as familiar to them as home.  

With today’s guests increasingly seeking faster, safer and more personalized services, along with hotel staffs’ need to react to requests instantaneously BLE beacon technology is providing properties with the tools needed to succeed in meeting these growing demands. Providing a solution that is modular and scalable, ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions is also ensuring that any implementation is virtually future-proof; equipping hoteliers with the ability to adapt and fully cater to security, operational efficiency and convenience needs as industry standards inevitably continue to evolve.