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New Tech Helps Hotels Provide Seamless Mobile Experience for Guests

Personal Media Network (PMN) is a new technology from Quadriga that is revolutionizing the in-room entertainment environment. PMN unifies and synchronizes multiple devices, whether guest-owned or hotel-owned, as well as the various sources of content, whether guest-owned, licensed subscriptions or hotel services via a single application and WiFi connection. With PMN the various forms of glass (television, phone, pad, laptop) and the various forms of content (device stored, subscription based, hotel services) are integrated into a single application to create a unified network of services. This creates a seamless, unified experience for all services available to the hotel guest, regardless of the device used to access them. This will support the hotel in developing a 360-degree relationship with guests, before, during and after their stay.
With PMN, guests can access content subscriptions and use their own mobile device to act as a gateway and shift the content directly to the in-room television for play. Guests can also bring their own content sources to their room via their mobile device and shift the content to the television for play. Everything from videos, movies, music and photos, as well as content from social networks like Facebook and Google+ can now be viewed anywhere throughout the hotel WiFi environment on any device. An Interactive Program Guide anchors the PMN free-to-guest television programming, and resides on the pad and phone as well as the television. Guests have the ability to scan FTG programming options and watch programming on their mobile device anywhere in the hotel WiFi area. Movies on the STB system, if licensed, can be purchased and played out on the mobile device anywhere in the hotel WiFi environment. Guests can access third-party subscription services and shift their content selection to the in-room television with their mobile device, once it is paired to the television system and WiFi network.
The PMN application is a complete network solution that integrates hotel services with the guest’s entertainment and content sources. Once paired with the in-room television, the guest’s mobile device can be used to access and complete transactions for hotel services like room service, meetings and events, concierge services, spa services, travel updates and transportation services. This provides hotels with tremendous opportunity to increase revenue from their food and beverage and concierge services, as well as facilitate meetings and event communication.

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