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New Solution Helps Hotels Capture, Analyze and Respond to Online Reviews

Hospitality and travel social media management leader TrustYou has launched the TrustYou ReviewAnalyst Survey.

The integrated solution enables hotels to capture, analyze, respond to and integrate reliable reviews through their own site using one tool, which is offered at no cost.

The Survey will also allow hotels to push reviews to third parties like review websites and search engines, completing the travel recommendation cycle by facilitating unlimited, authentic and up-to-date guest reviews that have previously been inaccessible to end-users.

Hotels opting to push their review content are not able to select what recommendations are posted.

With the TrustYou Survey, hotels and chains can integrate an online guest satisfaction survey, and within the same application monitor the whole social Web.

TrustYou’s signature dynamic sentiment analysis in 12 languages identifies the most relevant positive and negative trending topics and comments, which hoteliers can immediately address.

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