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New Service Automates Frequently Asked Front Desk Questions

Lodging Interactive has announced an innovative new service for the hospitality industry, Powered by proprietary technology developed by Lodging Interactive and enhanced by professional copywriting services of its CoMMingle Social Media Marketing division, enables hotel websites to offer comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQs”) pages.  The results are increased booking conversion rates, reduced customer calls to the front desk and exceptional online customer service.
Developed to leverage the value of social media networking, easily integrates into any hotel’s Facebook page and blog.  Fully mobile compatible, enables smartphone users to also benefit from vital FAQ content, thereby supporting and increasing mobile booking conversion rates.
The service is fully managed for the hotel. It develops the questions people typically ask the front desk or reservations department, sources the answers from the hotel and even allows new questions to be asked by consumers online. It also optimizes all content to maximize its organic search engine value so the hotel can benefit from a lift in search engine rankings.
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