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New Partnership Increases Data Traffic and Strengthens Business

ONEvision as managed service at-visions is happy to announce that its ONEvision Hotel IPTV solution is now also available as managed service offered by Telco companies.
Telco revenues based on voice and txt are decreasing worldwide and will continue to do so. In the mid- to long-run their revenue basis therefore will include a stronger content & application component, either via Pay-TV or similar digital media services and/or managed services. The goal is not only to benefit from the trend of increasing overall data traffic but to enlarge the value chain. Those services are also supposed to strengthen the core business by acquiring new subscribers, increasing ARPU and reducing churn.
One of those services is IPTV offered by Telcos for subscribing consumers in a network with QoS and it is nothing new. Hosting applications by Telcos is nothing new either – the available high quality infrastructure of data centers is used to enable the benefits of cloud computing on various levels. at-visions now combines already existing native IP streams with its industry specific ONEvision™ platform directly at the Telco companies instead of configuring this package at each property.
Through subscription and user right management each property and subsequently each guest has access to all subscribed features and content. All individual content (like hotel compendium, promotions, room service etc.) is managed via web-based CMS by the property itself. Hotels can make use of a high-end IPTV solution without additional streaming or server hardware – only TVs, either with STB or as integrated solution with new generation smart TVs from, Samsung, LG or TP vision.
Having a generic look at the combined solution it is obvious that there are more industries which may be a fitting target in the near future: Restaurants, University Campus, Sport stadiums, Multi Dwelling Units in general are those in focus to be approached together with Telco partners first.
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