New Delivery Service Debuts

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants
Drive Kindness has partnered with Olo's Dispatch platform and is planning expansion through 2021.

Miami-based Drive Kindness, a home meal delivery solution, announced a partnership with Olo, to enable fully integrated home meal delivery ordering through Olo’s Dispatch platform. Currently available in parts of Florida and Massachusetts, the national rollout will continue through 2021.

Drive Kindness is a new, first-of-a-kind digital platform that makes meal delivery more affordable and reliable for restaurant owners and customers, more financially rewarding for drivers, and more impactful on the local communities served.

Dispatch is Olo's solution that makes it easy for restaurant brands to tap into consumer demand through a national delivery network while maintaining a direct relationship and ordering experience with their guests. Home meal deliveries placed by customers will flow directly into Olo’s restaurant partners’ point-of-sale systems and enable brands to maintain their data.

“We are proud to partner with Drive Kindness, a much-needed, highly anticipated new solution that enables restaurants to save money and stay in business, enables drivers to raise their earning potential, and enables customers to enjoy a higher caliber of service,” said Jackie Berg, Olo’s VP of Marketing. “Drive Kindness also boosts local economies by creating jobs and making charitable contributions to nonprofits in various US communities. We are proud to work with Drive Kindness in delivering this unique model to our customers.”

How Drive Kindness Works:

While some delivery companies charge restaurants as much as 34% of the cost of each order, Drive Kindness’ franchise owners will charge restaurants a flat rate, bringing restaurant owners up to 60% in cost savings. With Drive Kindness, drivers are paid a delivery fee (plus tips) per order and can raise their earning potential to as much as $25 per hour. Customers also save as they never get surcharged. Additionally, the company will provide greater scrutiny of and training for drivers in order to maximize safety and quality for customers, as well as annual charitable contributions to impactful nonprofits selected by franchisees in the local communities served.

Drive Kindness provides drivers and customers the easy, convenient access to real-time order information they need. Born out of the 2020 pandemic which further catalyzed the demand for home meal delivery, the Drive Kindness franchise is designed to raise the bar and become distinguished as the gold standard. Conceptualized and launched by Rene Prats, a noted restaurant franchisor and business operator, Drive Kindness is designed to outcompete the Big Four food delivery companies and serve as a lucrative business model for visionary franchisees.

“We look forward to serving as the go-to restaurant delivery solution that brings much-needed and long-awaited affordability, value, transparency and quality for restaurant owners, drivers, franchisees, and customers as well as the local communities served,” said Prats, a noted industry veteran with extensive experience as an owner and operator of major national restaurant franchises.

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