New Concierge Mobile App Available to Hotel Industry

From ordering food to housekeeping, Jenny helps hotels connect with guests through a single mobile application, ensuring social distancing in a post-COVID world.

Concierge Mobile Apps – such as Jenny – will help hotels serve their guests using technology ensuring social distancing in all the stages of the guest journey. Here are 7 ways how Jenny will help hoteliers tackle the social distancing concern for guests while staying at a hotel in a post-COVID world.

  1. Housekeeping requests

Hygiene will be more important than anything else at a hotel in a post-COVID world. Using the mobile app, it will be convenient for guests to request housekeeping any time during their stay. When staying for longer periods, guests can request for the trash to be taken out and for a full room cleaning directly from the mobile app. This can be scheduled for a time when the guest goes out of the hotel so that they don’t come in close proximity to the housekeeping staff.

  1.  In-room services

Guests can request extra beds, towels, bathroom amenities, and all other in-room services right from the app without having to visit the lobby. The hotel staff can deliver them in front of the guest room and send a notification through the mobile app to communicate the service request completion.

  1.  Food ordering

In a post COVID world, people will try to stay away from crowded restaurants and will prefer ordering online or takeaways. In hotels, using the mobile app, guests can browse through the full menu and order food to their room, just like they do on the Uber Eats App. This feature actually helps hotels maximize their F&B revenue as guests will be encouraged to spend more using the app.

  1. Travel bookings

Guests will not want to visit crowded travel desks to book a cab or to learn of the nearby tourist attractions. They can get all of this information on the mobile app and can book a cab right from the comfort of their couch. They will be notified when their cab arrives. These convenient features of the app will entice any guest to leave a good review about the hotel on TripAdvisor.

  1. Zero touchpoint communication 

By communicating with the hotel staff using the mobile app, it’s convenient for guests to get all their queries answered without having to leave the room. The safety of both the guest and staff is ensured using the mobile app for all essential communication.

  1.  Mobile Check-in and Check-out

The mobile check-in feature allows the guest to directly go to their room without having to wait in a crowded hotel lobby. This feature can be communicated to guests at the time of reservation so that they know they can walk into their room upon their arrival at the hotel.

  1.  Contactless payments

Digital transactions are not future, they are the present. The guest can pay for all the services they have received using the mobile app without having to visit the front office and handing out their card to the front office staff which also breaks the rule of social distancing.


In a post-COVID world, hotels around the world will have to gear up their marketing efforts to attract bookings. Using a Concierge Mobile App to interact with guests and maintain no touch points during the entire guest journey is the most promising way hotels can stand out from the competition.

Jenny will be rolling out in countries where the hotel industry re opens as per the government guidelines. For more information on Jenny, please visit the website or watch this Explaner Video

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