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Netsurion Named Fortinet MSSP Platinum Partner

Netsurion announced that it has been named a Fortinet MSSP Platinum Partner to deliver powerful managed security services to any size organization, with particular emphasis on businesses with multiple locations in the retail, hospitality, healthcare, legal, and insurance sectors. Platinum MSSPs are Fortinet experts with demonstrated proficiency, having completed stringent Platinum-level certification, training, and audit requirements to achieve Fortinet’s premier MSSP status.
Cybersecurity has become a top priority for businesses of all sizes, requiring expert management and monitoring of top-tier firewalls and constant vigilance to stay current with security policies and configurations. Achieving the optimal security benefits of any firewall requires a level of expertise that is often rare in small to mid-size and multi-location businesses. Netsurion bridges this gap by complementing Fortinet’s cybersecurity solutions with a managed service that simplifies implementation and management, making it easy for any-size office or operation to have enterprise-class security without the cost of dedicated onsite IT staff.
Hackers are successfully infiltrating multi-location brands, franchisees, and companies of all sizes with alarming frequency. The effects on compromised companies’ financials and reputations can be devastating and unrecoverable — hurting profit and customer trust.
Multi-location businesses specifically face the challenge of securing many geographically diverse locations in an environment where IT resources and consistency in network topology are often impossible. As such, a brand’s security is only as strong as its weakest link.
Netsurion and Fortinet’s technology, scalability and ease-of-management generated by this partnership give their customers peace-of-mind that even their most remote locations are secure against hackers.
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