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NEC DisplayNote Software Now Available in Cloud

NEC Display Solutions of America has announced the availability of NEC DisplayNote Software through the cloud. The tool lets educators, students, and professionals present and share content, and collaborate across any device using Windows, IOS and Android operating systems.
The ability to collaborate is the hallmark of the cloud-based platform.  From adding notes, highlighting presentations, and saving documents to sending messages to participants, users can leverage NEC DisplayNote Software as a type of crowdsourcing platform.  NEC DisplayNote Software works with existing projectors, screens and educational software platforms, and eliminates the need for additional hardware.
The cloud-based version also enables remote learning, collaboration and sharing over the Internet without a connection to the network, therefore mitigating network bandwidth issues. Sessions can be stored to the cloud for access at any time allowing for quick reference from anyplace.
In the classroom or training facility, NEC DisplayNote Software allows presenters the ability to move about the room while still focusing on delivery of, and collaboration with, the content, increasing participation and interactivity.
Features of the cloud-based NEC DisplayNote Software include:
New user interface for easier navigation of the software controls
Unlimited audio and messaging capabilities, which allow for capture of a complete session
Collaborative, device-to-device note taking, which provides complete sharing of thoughts and annotations
Data encryption and proxy support for secure transmission of the content using the cloud
Improved session discovery, which creates an easier path for login both for local and remote attendees
More palette choices for backgrounds, which make dynamic presentation materials come to life
NEC DisplayNote Software is compatible with any device (iTunes App Store, Google Play for Android tablets, laptops and smartphones), and volume licensing is now available.
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