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NAVIS Releases Major Update to Flagship Reservation-Sales Software

NAVIS, a reservation sales and marketing technology provider for the hospitality industry, announced Narrowcast Cloud, a ground-up refresh of its flagship reservation-sales platform. Narrowcast Cloud is 100 percent web-based, with a modern user interface, faster performance, enhanced data visualization, and a host of new features including a mobile-friendly Agent Hub.
The new version is simple to implement and works with any modern browser, making updates easy. Calls are delivered up to 30 percent faster, improving both the guest experience and agent productivity. The integrated Agent Hub (formerly Agent Dashboard) is fully responsive, and features advanced agent proficiency and dynamic skill priority settings to optimize conversion and revenue. Communication is improved though a threaded agent chat feature, team chat, and QVue, which allows real-time monitoring of call-center activity and performance across devices and screen sizes. Beautiful and dynamic visual reporting options are included with the platform, with many more on the way.
DKN hotels, a hotel-management company based in Irvine, Calif., participated in the Narrowcast Cloud beta program and was the first to fully implement it in their call center.
"We’ve been NAVIS clients and Narrowcast users for two years, and we continue to be delighted by how engaged they are with our business and how well the system performs for us," said Charles Taft, operations support manager for DKN hotels. "Though we’re still new to Narrowcast Cloud, it’s both familiar and all-new at the same time, which is quite a feat in the software world.” 
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