MyCheck, Squirrel Systems Announce Integration

MyCheck and Squirrel Systems integration will enable restaurant customers to self-checkout and close their open checks with minimal interaction from wait staff. MyCheck, a mobile payment technology platform, is enabling a seamless pay-at-the-table experience via direct integration to the Squirrel Systems point-of-sale system (POS). MyCheck allows guests to view, split and pay their bill straight from their smartphone without waiting for the check or the credit card slip, or the server coming over with a tablet or terminal. Customers can redeem rewards and special offers which go straight into the Squirrel POS, and they can use any method of payment to close the tab, including credit card, debit card, Paypal, Android Pay, Apple Pay, MasterPass, Visa checkout and more.
Through this integration, MyCheck will create a custom mobile payment app for restaurants based on its MyPOS technology. Backend integration and customization means no special hardware or unique reporting tools will be required. As the guest checks into the restaurant, a four-digit code is generated. The code is given to the server who enters it into the Squirrel POS, and immediately the customer begins to receive rewards for using the app. With the app, customers can view the live bill, split checks among diners, tip their server, pay, and receive rewards for their patronage. Via MyCheck’s MyWallet solution, multiple methods of payment can be linked to an account so consumers can choose which payment method to use each time. 
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