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MSI, Microsoft Complete Benchmark Testing of EnterprisePM Software

Multi-Systems, Inc. (MSI), a supplier of hotel technology and property management systems, and Microsoft announce the completion of benchmark testing of MSI's EnterprisePM (EPM) at Microsoft's Technology Center (MTC) to ensure MSI customers are deriving full benefits from the system's capabilities.
To maximize testing, MSI's development and QA teams designed an application to simulate users in various operational roles ranging from front desk clerk to hotel manager to back office operations and to mirror peak times such as check in, check out and end of day.
Over the course of three days in Microsoft's Technology Center, more than a dozen tests were run, with the number of users varying from 250 to 1300 running against 50 to 350 properties.
This testing collaboration allowed MSI to leverage the knowledge of the Microsoft Technology Center team to optimize EnterprisePM configurations for maximum performance in the hotel environment. Further, the automated testing tools built by MSI for this particular engagement with the MTC, will be used to ensure the performance of MSI products in the future.
Specifically, MSI and Microsoft studied the impact of a new processor and found that it was able to effectively double the number of users EnterprisePM could support, without increasing memory or reducing hard drive performance.
"Working one-on-one with Microsoft gave us a tremendous opportunity to test multiple scenarios under a variety of conditions and configurations, with each side providing input as to how EnterprisePM and SQL Server would react and interact," says David Kantrud, VP of Software Engineering, MSI. "Through this process we collected a huge amount of data relating to server performance and response times, which allowed us to collaboratively fine tune the configurations for optimum performance and cost savings in the real world."
MSI's benchmark testing results will be published in an MSI case study scheduled for production in May 2008. The case study will be available at
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