MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes Intros Mobile Loyalty App

MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes has partnered with Punchh, a brand-centric mobile customer relationship management platform to unveil its new MOOYAH Rewards App—a loyalty program built with an enhanced guest experience in mind.
With the brand’s old program, cashiers were spending extra time manually punching loyalty cards for every order, and the company’s executives realized that this antiquated method held no real value. The franchisees had no way of tracking sales and the incentives for Guests weren’t necessarily what they wanted. That’s why, starting this March, MOOYAH will use Punchh's cloud-based mobile CRM platform, integrated with their POS and online ordering systems, to engage guests on their mobile devices.
For every dollar spent at MOOYAH, diners get one point. A total of 100 points equates to a $10 credit to use at the MOOYAH of their choice. The app is free to download on any Android and Apple smartphones.
“With the MOOYAH Rewards App, we can now directly engage with our guests based on their specific purchase history, likes, dislikes, frequency and more,” said Natalie Anderson Liu, MOOYAH’s director of marketing. “For today’s consumers, mobile customer-brand engagement, targeted offers and rewards for referrals are crucial to building loyalty and fostering new devotees.”
The Punchh platform provides operators with the ability to engage guests outside the walls of their restaurant in a fun and meaningful way. Using social media and the ability to deliver creative loyalty programs, Punchh not only engages consumers, but also provides intuitive and powerful analytics to ensure programs are delivering or exceeding the expected returns.
According to Anderson Liu, the value of Punchh is two-fold. The app will give MOOYAH a complete picture of both Guests using the loyalty app as well as those not using the app. Because the app is fully-integrated with each store’s POS, the brand gains insight on customers’ previous orders, frequency, redeemed offers and more. This allows MOOYAH to personalize offers to each fan and target marketing messages based on what they like. And for guests, they’re not only getting a more personal, customized experience—there are also added perks. For every dollar spent at MOOYAH, diners get one point. A total of 100 points equates to a $10 credit that can be redeemed for any item of their choosing.
With the referral program, when a guest refers a friend to MOOYAH and the loyalty app, they will receive 20 points when the friend uses the app at MOOYAH. The friend also receives 20 bonus points.
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