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MonkeyMedia Releases Updated Catering Software

MonkeyMedia Software, a provider of web-based operations solutions for the foodservice industry, today announced the release of MonkeyCatering 3.0. Designed specifically for QSR, fast casual and deli catering operations, MonkeyCatering 3.0 offers new and enhanced features that provide operators with a robust platform for managing their entire catering business - from order taking via a call center or online to production planning, labeling and distribution, and also accounting and marketing.

MonkeyCatering adds a range of new features that significantly extend the solution's functionality, including:

  • LeadTracker Catering sales teams can efficiently manage new business acquisition with this dedicated Sales Force Automation tool. LeadTracker includes territory and commission management, task creation, promotional activity management and lead conversion monitoring.
  • Dynamic mapping technology. Orders are instantly routed to the closest store using advanced GIS (Geographic Information Systems) mapping and the location coordinates of the customer's address.
  • Global and regional delivery management.  Multi-unit chains now have the option of managing drivers and delivery schedules at the store, regional or global level. Central dispatching can ease the workload at each location, freeing up resources and allows the staff to focus on production and sales.
  • Proactive store load control. Manage each restaurant location's fulfillment capacity by time slot to maintain optimal production & delivery load across all locations, reassigning orders to alternate slots or stores when needed.
  • Automatic up-selling. This feature automates cross-mapping of menu items, triggering suggestions based on a customer's selection. Up-selling can easily add a 15 to 40 percent increase in sales to the average ticket.
  • Distributed group ordering. Members of a group can now manage their own individual orders within an assigned budget. Companies can assign one administrator set the budget, default meal, and place the order, while giving each person in the order the flexibility to make their own meal choices from the options provided.

As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application, MonkeyCatering 3.0 requires no additional hardware or software requirements other than internet access, which controls the capital investments and provides a flexible and highly scalable environment for ongoing platform development. MonkeyCatering 3.0 is also certified by Trustwave as a 100 percent PCI-compliant solution.

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