Mobility Platform to Drive Upsell Revenue for YOTEL New York

YOTEL New York has implemented StayNTouch Inc., provider of the PMS Mobile Overlay Platform. Innovative, affordable luxury hotels such as the YOTEL New York are integrating mobile devices into the everyday operations of their business. The result?  Increased upsell revenues, increased customer service and a more connected experience for guests. 
This 669 “Cabin” Times Square hotel began the implementation of the StayNTouch’s solutions with both Rover Front Office and Zest Web. Staff can now assist guests away from the front desk (Mission Control) using tablets or smartphones. Guests are invited to check out via their smartphone through a simple mobile web experience, fully integrated with the hotel’s current PMS.  In addition guests are offered the opportunity to stay a little longer through dynamic “late check out offers.”
“We implemented StayNTouch to build upon our ongoing digital strategy to find the right balance between technology, efficiency and service with focus on enhancing our guest’s experience and giving them more options and control at their fingertips,” said Claes Landberg/General Manager at the YOTEL New York.  “We expect that we will see more than 20% of our eligible guests opt to check out via their smartphone and that will grow significantly.”
StayNTouch Rover FrontOffice™:  Overlay on top of PMS bringing the front office functionality onto a mobile/tablet in a touch/graphic user experience.  Including remote key encoding & secure credit card swipe.  Enables staff flexibility to service guests anytime, anywhere.  Line-busting. Zero training. 
StayNTouch - Rover Housekeeping™:  Via any mobile device (iTouch, tablet, etc.), housekeeping has touch-optimized user interface for full access to rooms-to-clean lists, room status, guest information and ability to update room status after servicing.
StayNTouch Zest Web™:  Mobile Web experience enabling branded guest pre-engagement.  Guest mobile check-in & out, preferences collected, upsell opportunities, staff-less key fulfillment.
StayNTouch – Zest App™:  Guest Smartphone App, white labeled, PMS integrated, enabling guest remote check-in & out, folio review, location aware/beacon, social media, promotions engine, reviews, services ordering.
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