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Mobile Engagement Suite Enhances Customer and Employee Experiences

Syniverse has announced the launch of its Mobile Engagement Suite that helps companies securely engage with their customers and employees anywhere, anytime, and on any mobile device. The suite is composed of two solutions – Mobile Engagement for Customers and Mobile Engagement for Employees – that help companies enhance customer acquisition and loyalty strategies through personalized, two-way communications on any mobile channel.

With Syniverse Mobile Engagement for Customers, companies can use subscriber data to enrich the experience for their opted-in customers through secure real-time mobile campaigns and notifications such as loyalty programs, coupons, surveys, contests and trivia. The GUI-based solution makes it easy for companies to create custom campaigns to connect with customers via multiple channels, including SMS, MMS, web, social networks, mobile app push notifications and email.
For internal communications, the Syniverse Mobile Engagement for Employees solution enables companies to broadcast critical information to employees through mobile channels, including email, SMS and voice calls. With this solution, companies can preconfigure request and response behavior for any scenario via threaded, multi-channel communications. These communications could include critical company updates such as weather-related closures, disasters or other time-sensitive situations. Additionally, this cloud-based service allows companies to quickly deliver automated messages to individuals or groups based on keyword responses (e.g. yes, no, maybe) and pre-determined escalation behavior while tracking communications with real-time monitoring and post-incident reporting.
The importance of delivering mobile-centric customer experiences was recently highlighted in a Forrester report that stated: "Because people carry their mobile devices with them at all times, mobile moments – points in time and space when someone pulls out a mobile device to get what they want in their immediate context – are the frontline of customer experience. That’s why every consumer experience improvement effort, starting now, must include mobile.” (Source: Forrester Research, Inc., Mobile Moments Transform Customer Experience, January 2014)
Syniverse’s Mobile Engagement Suite is part of the company’s Enterprise and Intelligence Solutions (EIS) portfolio of mobile cloud solutions that enable companies to seamlessly integrate communications across multiple mobile channels. Offering customers  mobile-user protection and privacy, including  management of opt-out and double opt-in processes, Syniverse’s mobile cloud solutions have been deployed by companies including Amazon China and MasterCard that rely on the Syniverse platform to deliver operational excellence. 
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