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Mobelisk Launches MoGo for Windows, Offering Modular and IoT-Enabled Smartcases

Mobelisk, a pioneer in modular and IoT-enabled smartcases, announced their launch of MoGo for Windows. MoGo is the first highly customizable, programmable smartcase that integrates enterprise apps with the actual case itself-building shortcuts and instructions right into the workflow for employees in the field.

For the hospitality industry, this product eliminates the counter which serves as a barrier between customers and customer service. It allows customer service representatives to come out from behind the counter and meet with customers face to face. The customizable case allows for payment to be accepted, room keys to be magnetized, IDs to be scanned, show tickets to be bought and sold, wake up calls scheduled, restaurant reservations made, and much more. This allows for more interaction with the customer and can help minimize their time in line. Anyone working at the hotel can become a concierge / front desk employee for a guest at any time.

??Mobelisk can quickly and affordably turn lower-cost consumer devices such as tablets and smartphones into highly capable business appliances, which offers a huge budget savings compared to the option of custom hardware manufacturing? that many brands have previously relied on. MoGo can also? perform in the harshest conditions, while providing workers with the durable technology they need to get the job done.

Mobelisk features an integrated array of cloud-connected IoT sensors in the MoGo case that measure shock, vibration, temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure independently from the smartphone device. This allows both proactive service and support of the devices in the field -- predicting device failure before it happens, to ensure continuity of service -- as well as automatically capturing? valuable real-time operational data on exactly how mobile appliances are being used?.
Mobelisk will be the first in the industry to offer this unique approach to enterprise mobility on Windows 10 Mobile, showcasing seamless integration across desktop, tablet, and mobile for full device management. MoGo is an integrated appliance that features a plethora of hardware advantages: its ergonomic design offers protection, extended battery life required for field force work, and other modular components that can be added including barcode scanners, magnetic card readers, additional sensors, and more. This reliable business solution not only offers device protection, but also facilitates true integration between proprietary software and other critical business applications utilized by mobile workforces by virtue of its rich set of SDK (software development kit) tools and utilities, optimizing investments already made, with room to further extend and expand functionality.
MoGo is adding to the mobile experience by supporting specific industry needs where the use cases require a smaller, more discreet size than that offered by larger tablets. Many enterprises will utilize these devices in serving their own customers. Each MoGo unit has the capability to be further tailored with company logos and colors, extending the enterprise's brand to the important interactions with its customers.
MoGo for Windows is the latest addition to the Mobelisk product line, which also includes the Chimera, a flexible, modular, and durable platform that supports seven to eight inch tablets and can also be custom-tailored for companies seeking to deploy tablets to their field forces, and MoGo for Android, launched this month on the Samsung Note 5. MoGo fundamentally has the same DNA and advantages of the Chimera, and will appeal to many different markets needing both durability and flexibility. Mobelisk is enabling enterprise mobility for specific needs, not just with a hardware case but also with extra functionality with software integration for any smart device, in volatile environments where rugged support is needed. The solution provides enterprise-grade wireless service plans, robust mobile device management, and enhanced service and support, all in one.
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