Micros Retail Systems, Mocapay Relationship to Provide Customers Mobile-Enabled Loyalty & Gift Programs

Merchants continually express interest in leveraging innovative ways to expand their loyalty and gift programs to attract and retain customers. Micros Retail Systems, a provider of enterprise applications serving the hospitality industry in the New York metro area has forged a relationship with Mocapay to mobile-enable its customer's loyalty and gift programs, ultimately helping merchants increase their revenue and brand loyalty.
Mocapay is a mobile Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that allows merchants to integrate mobile marketing into payment streams to create a new and cost-effective channel to enhance the lifetime value of a customer without the expense of new hardware requirements or security concerns. Mocapay has fully integrated its mobile SaaS platform with the Micros iCare Solution as well as a number of point of sales systems Micros Retail Systems customers' use, including Micros Series POS E7, 3700 and 9700.
Using Mocapay's mobile SaaS technology, Micros Retail Systems' customers will have a secure mobile solution that can distribute customized promotional text messages and mobile offers to targeted customers in a certain geographical or store location. Consumers who create mobile accounts will be able to conduct mobile transactions at the point of sale, access their account balance and transaction history, find the nearest merchant location accepting the mobile loyalty and gift programs as well as reload their account, all from their mobile phone. Mobile account holders will also be able to conduct mobile gifting, which allows real-time gift giving directly to another mobile phone. The mobile gifting feature also helps merchants to increase their revenue and customer base.
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