MetroClick Debuts Lab-Tested Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial Glass Touchscreen Tech

As retail, restaurants, hospitality and other service industries start reopening across the U.S. and Canada, customer health and safety is the critical priority. To help ensure customer safety, MetroClick, the creator of dynamic interactive digital experiences, is making lab-tested anti-viral and anti-bacterial glass touchscreen technology available on the company’s next-generation touchscreens.

MetroClick, through its sister company faytech, has entered a partnership with Kastus Technologies to integrate anti-viral agents into the touchscreen manufacturing process. This will provide all MetroClick/faytech NA digital signage, kiosk and EasyShopper cart solutions with 24/7 germ protection. The glass technology has been proven effective against harmful viruses and bacteria such as Coronavirus, C. Diff, MRSA and E. Coli. The units can be cleaned with soap and water, and do not require chemical cleaners for disinfection.

“Shoppers, restaurant patrons and travelers are going to be apprehensive after shelter-in-place orders are rescinded, and will look for retailers, foodservice operators and other service companies to reassure them that their health is taken extremely seriously. The anti-viral materials on our touch displays, combined with the safety and hygiene messaging companies can promote through our devices, will serve to provide the assurance customers will require,” said Taylor Miller, Partner and COO at MetroClick/faytech NA, adding that the antimicrobial screens feature a distinct logo promoting the hygiene message.

In addition to the health and safety benefits, the new antimicrobial screens facilitate enhanced shopper engagement and overall risk reduction. The solution is 100% compatible with all frictionless commerce systems and delivers a fully functioning display.

“The new antimicrobial touchscreens gives a significant competitive advantage for our clients, who, with every treated screen, are proving they’re invested in their customer’s safety,” said Jesse Cooper, Partner and CEO at MetroClick/faytech NA.

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