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Merchant e-Solutions Launches Class-A Support for Apollo Terminal from Equinox Payments

Equinox Payments, a provider of payment terminals, applications and support services, today announced that Merchant e-Solutions, a U.S.-based provider of end-to-end global payment solutions, and a company from the Cielo group, has launched Class A support for the Equinox Apollo terminal, marking a milestone as the first acquirer to fully address the payment, onboarding and service needs of referral and reseller partners that support small lodging operators.
The EMV liability shift exposes merchants to an increase in chargebacks, which can negatively impact their bottom line. Most of the legacy terminal applications that support lodging functionality were left out of the initial migration to EMV. As a result, many small- and mid-sized hotel and inn operators are left responsible for chargebacks related to the EMV liability shift. The solution supports necessary functions from reservation deposits, to check-in, onsite property charges and post check-out adjustments.
The Voyager all-in-one application that runs on the Apollo terminal supports retail, restaurant, lodging and cash advance environments. It can support up to 20 multi-merchant configurations, and has been certified to support Visa’s Quick Chip and Mastercard’s M/Chip Fast processing, which allows EMV card entry to be as fast as a swipe.
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