Marriott Upgrades Network Solutions with AT&T

Marriott International Inc. entered into a new agreement with AT&T, which it said will allow its properties to see lower rates for outgoing calls and faster Internet. The three-year, $150-million deal provides a network architecture that will facilitate the move of Marriott’s applications to the cloud in the next three to five years. It also uses AT&T’s 4G LTE cellular network to provide wireless backup solutions, which will facilitate Marriott’s constant access to critical business applications. 

“AT&T has been one of Marriott’s longest-standing technology providers. We’re thrilled to continue using their network solutions to help us better run our properties,” said Bob Galovic, vice president, IT Networks, Marriott International, Inc.  “Moving our business applications to the cloud is more efficient. It will allow us to better meet the demands of our global business. It will also make it easier for our associates to work together and improve our overall guest experience.  Using AT&T as our primary wireless back-up carrier will help us support the needs of our guests by making our networks and access to applications more reliable.”

The features and benefits of the new deal include:

·         Improved guest services— The network upgrades provide faster Internet services for guests. They can work efficiently, enjoy Internet access and entertainment or just stay in touch with family and friends. 

·         Network consolidation, backup and protection—The new network design will allow Marriott to move their key business applications to the cloud over the next several years. The embedded AT&T LTE wireless backup solution will protect the properties from interruptions to the wireline connections.

·         Voice and data on one network— Marriott has a vision for running its voice services over the Internet. Bringing its voice and data onto a single network will be more reliable, easier to manage, and costs less.  AT&T’s network will support Marriott’s move to an all Internet-based solution planned for late 2015.  This approach will bring new features and abilities to Marriott’s properties and contact centers.  AT&T’s network will help route guest calls to the proper Marriott associate for information about an existing reservation or help booking new reservations. 
·         Dedicated maintenance center— AT&T provides a maintenance center that responds only to calls from Marriott.  This will provide Marriott with timely solutions and support the continuous provision of AT&T services for guests to enjoy.
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