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Maropost and Virgen Partner to Modernize Casino Marketing

Today, Maropost and Virgen Digital Brand Marketing announced their official partnership. Bringing together the latest in multi-channel marketing technology and decades of gaming industry experience, the two are overturning the current casino marketing landscape.

Uniquely collaborative, the partnership involves in-depth strategic contributions from executive teams from both organizations. Combining casino-specific marketing & player engagement experience with digital marketing expertise, the collective knowledge of both teams alleviates typical tactical challenges that casino clients face with digital marketing.

Even for well-equipped casino marketing departments, navigating casino jurisdiction rules, ISP email delivery guidelines, and federal SMS regulations are constant concerns. Now, casinos looking to improve and expand their digital marketing efforts will have a resource with not only 18 years of gaming-industry-specific marketing experience, but also the latest advancements in multi-channel marketing technology — a resource that can resolve those concerns.

Teams from Maropost and Virgen will work side-by-side to give casinos the tools they need to offer guests and players a superior digital experience — the kind of experience that can only come when years of industry expertise meets constant technological innovation.

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