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Manquehue Hotels Expands Properties, Personalizes Guest Experiences with Oracle

For 36 years, Manquehue Hotels has been delighting guests with unique properties and top-notch service. When the group looked to expand its footprint in Chile with three new hotels, they turned to Oracle Hospitality to help support this rapid growth. With Oracle, Manquehue was able to efficiently establish internal operations at the new hotels and enhance the overall guest experience for its customers.

“As we continue to grow our hotels and chain, we need a system in place that provides us with standardized, timely and online information to better serve our customers,” said Abner Cayul, Hotel Manquehue corporate general manager. “Oracle Hospitality was the only solution that could help us expand to be one of the most prominent hotel chains in Chile. We look forward to utilizing their offerings to fuel our continued growth.”

Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property features a range of innovations, including deeper customer insights and comprehensive functionality for all areas of hotel management. With it, Hotel Manquehue can create in-depth customer profiles to tailor experiences to each customer’s specific preferences, such as suggesting certain dining venues and luxury items. A personal touch that has helped the group increase customer loyalty. Hotel Manquehue also relies on OPERA for improved internal operations for employees, offering them immediate access to 24/7 support and connection to electronic invoices for easy back-office reporting.

The chain also uses the Oracle MICROS Simphony Cloud Point of Sale system to support a wide range of food and beverage operations within the hotel, including restaurant and room service amenities. Not only does MICROS Simphony streamline employee ordering and delivery, it also provides key data on what items are most popular and when. Conversely, it provides insight into which items are not selling, providing more informed decisions on menu planning to better serve guests while improving inventory management and reducing waste.

With hoteliers increasingly focusing on restaurant operations for revenue growth, it’s imperative for them to tap the advantages of an integrated property management and point-of-sale platform. The combination of OPERA and MICROS Simphony provide hoteliers with a comprehensive view of all their operations – including food and beverage – and insightful analysis of the contributions of each. Such integration also yields one-stop access to 360-degree guest profiles, giving staff detailed information about guests’ preferences and behavior anywhere on property.

“From their favorite dining options to customized rooms, today’s guests want an unprecedented level of personalization when enjoying their visit,” said David Meltzer, Group Vice President, Oracle Hospitality. “Hotel Manquehue understands this and uses the latest technology to better understand and serve the needs and desires of their customers every step of the way. As they expand throughout Chile, Oracle will continue to provide the intelligence and tools both management and front-line employees will need to ensure seamless, unforgettable guest experiences that create loyalty and bring guests back to their properties.”

Watch the Manquehue Hotels Video

In this video, Abner Cayul, corporate general manager of Manquehue Hotels shares how Oracle Hospitality Solutions is helping to support the hotel chain’s strategic growth.


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