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Making Friends on the Road? There's an App for That!

selina app

Selina, a lifestyle and experiential hospitality brand targeting millennial and Gen Z travelers, continues to focus on the user experience with its latest update to the Selina app.

The app, available on iOS and Android, features several enhancements, from a new guest connection feature to an improved user booking experience and personalization capabilities. By creating global travel experiences designed to serve the vastly underserved millennial and Gen Z markets, Selina is tapping into a growing cohort of travelers that prioritize authenticity and connection, seeking the ability to travel more often and more freely. On average, 66% of guests meet a friend during their stays, reflecting the effectiveness of Selina’s community-centered hospitality platform, which also impacts guest satisfaction, as evidenced by a superior Net Promoter Score for Selina. Selina anticipates over two million visitors in 2022, and the new app enhancements should help increase the percentage of direct sales above the current 50% average.

Key app updates:

  • Upon confirmation of booking, guests can opt in to find out who else is staying at the Selina property during their trip, helping to facilitate the company’s mission of curating meaningful connections. Those who choose to participate can see the first name, photo, and nationality of fellow guests before arrival, making for a helpful ice breaker when crossing paths on property. 
  • Notifications on the hotel’s upcoming events and calendar of activities assist travelers in planning unforgettable experiences. 
  • The app’s personalized home screen now adjusts content based on language and geolocation, providing guests with key information related to their upcoming stays, with intel like weather forecasts and more.  
  • Other updates to the app's booking flow and integration of the brand’s loyalty token program help to drive a seamless purchase experience, supporting direct bookings.


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