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Majority of Travelers Use Mobile Devices for Booking

A recent report from JiWire reveals that among mobile owners who booked travel in the past 90 days, 53% used a single device (smartphone, tablet, or laptop) to do so. The study indicates that mobile devices are heavily used for booking travel, with 52% claiming to have booked travel on a smartphone (23%) or tablet (29%) in the past 90 days. But mobiles are also being used for research, starting a cross-device journey that most often ends on laptops, but also does so on smartphones and tablets.

The proportion of respondents using smartphones (48%) and tablets (49%) to research travel purchases is almost equal to the proportion that uses laptops (56%), details the report. Among the 48% who research on their smartphone, 40% book on that device, while 48% book on a tablet and 71% on a laptop. Of the 49% who research on their tablet, 30% book their smartphone, 54% stick with their tablet, and 67% book on their laptop. Finally, among the 56% researching on their laptop, 31% book on their smartphone, 39% cross over to a tablet to purchase, and 75% finish the purchase on their laptop.

Other Findings:
- 44% of travelers use their smartphone to research travel while they're traveling.
- Asked what influences their decision-making when booking travel, business travelers indicated they are more likely than leisure travelers to be swayed by loyalty rewards (35.1% vs. 31.6%), company policy (34.5% vs. 24.4%), and brand favorability (31.3% vs. 28.2%), but less likely to be influenced by deals or promotions (32.7% vs. 43.1%) and a co-branded credit card (24.7% vs. 26%).
- Respondents are about three times more likely to say that travel aggregator and branded airline applications are important for their travel research and booking than travel aggregator and branded airline mobile sites.

JiWire's Mobile Audience Insights Report is based on data compiled from multiple proprietary sources; a survey of more than 1,300 randomly selected customers from across JiWire's combined Wi-Fi and mobile advertising platform. The report is based on data collected in March 2013. (MarketingCharts, May 2013)
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