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Major Restaurant Brand Launches Customer Focused Mobile Apps

One of the largest restaurant brands in North America is utilizing the Crafter CMS platform to build and manage mobile apps for its customers. The new mobile apps leverage the content APIs of the Crafter CMS platform, and enable the restaurant network of over 3,000 independent franchisees in North America to easily and quickly connect with customers, improve the customer experience, and streamline online ordering and delivery.

Crafter CMS allows enterprises to monetize content by streamlining its delivery to and from any device, channel, or application for engaging with customers, and deepening customer loyalty. With its powerful APIs and Content-as-a-Services (CaaS) capabilities, Crafter CMS is helping various companies worldwide by allowing unstructured content to be dynamically pulled from the Crafter CMS platform and delivered to the front end of any system, application, or device via a universal CaaS interface, making “content everywhere” publishing a reality.

For this large restaurant brand, the Crafter-powered mobile apps provide increased convenience to customers and infuse simplicity and transparency within the online ordering process. Moreover, the content-rich mobile apps allow the customer to engage with the company from any connected device, retrieve past ordering information, and receive personalized content -- all of which increases customer loyalty and drives more revenue.
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