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Maestro PMS Integrates with SilverWare POS for Increased Revenue and Efficiency

NORTHWIND-Maestro PMS has partnered with Point of Sale provider SilverWare. Award-winning SilverWare POS’ Avrio solution fully integrates with the Maestro Property Management System (PMS) for convenience, efficiency, and 360 guest service.  
The integration performs normal processes, such as room charges and voucher lookups, but extends beyond that with integrated client synchronization, server alerts on guest status like same-day checkout, as well as message waiting, and meal plans. The integration also fully supports the Maestro gift card, guest loyalty programs. The integrated systems share data from food and beverage outlets and retail stores for one hotel or a multi-property group for accounting accuracy and simplification of charge detail verification, revenue posting, and reporting.
Unique features of the SilverWare Avrio and NORTHWIND Maestro seamless integration include:
Ability to reproduce a guest check at checkout mirroring the check produced by SilverWare Avrio.
The capability to identify and automatically apply guest discounts or comp meals associated with packages.
Transactions in SilverWare Avrio can accrue Maestro Loyalty Program points which enables operators to maintain a single database for frequent-diner rewards.
To preserve client data, Avrio is also equipped with a failsafe design that automatically backs up information. If a POS terminal becomes unavailable, the system seamlessly connects to another server, utilizing modern SQL capabilities to produce a self-sufficient data redundancy.

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